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Svarene fra sidst (som lovet):

It was a dark and stormy night and they were on their way to the pub.

She said, ‘There is just too much rain!  I don’t really want to go there anymore.’

‘Ok’, he said, ‘I suppose they’re not going to miss us. They’re probably already there, drinking their drinks.’

‘Right. They’re all there now, with their other friends. So, let’s go back and put the kettle on.’

Piece of cake, right? Giv dig selv 10 points hvis alle svar var rigtige.

Ny Quiz:

Kan du finde fejlen i hver af de 2 sætninger?

  1. ‘I saw her for 2 days ago.’
  2. ‘For 15 weeks ago there were no trains to Boston.’

Hint: Der er for mange ord.

Svaret kommer næste gang…

HUSK der er kommet en ny quiz – Test dit engelsk.

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